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President Obama “Sings” “Jingle Bells” [Video]

Courtesy of some creative editing, we present to you President Barack Obama as he sings “Jingle Bells.” Not known to be shy with the microphone, there’s been plenty of video from which to find these […]


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Obama Is Sworn In Again [Audio]

We’ve reached a second term with Barack Obama in the White House, and the President still finds time in his busy schedule each week to call us. Today, he was on the phone to talk […]


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President Obama Talks About Second Term Inauguration [Audio]

President Barack Obama gave us his usual Tuesday morning phone call to talk about the upcoming inauguration. Will it be as big as the first one? Some don’t think it will be quite as heavily […]


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President Barack Obama Sings Led Zeppelin [Audio]

President Barack Obama gave us his regular Tuesday morning call still hyped up after meeting rock legends Led Zeppelin at the Kennedy Center Honors. He even thinks some Zeppelin can help with the tough fiscal […]


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President Obama On Christmas Shopping [Audio]

We got our usual call from President Obama, and he wanted to talk about what’s been going on with his Christmas Shopping!


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Presidential Weekly Radio Address: Obama Wants Out [Audio]

President Obama is ready to take on the new issues of the day: Finance, the Petraeus scandal and international turmoil… or is he? Is it time for a recount? Does President Obama want to be […]


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President Obama Calls About General Petraeus [Audio]

Each week when President Obama calls, he has something important on his mind. Today, we thought we’d hear from him about the situation with General Petraeus. We not only found out that the General’s relationships […]


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President Obama Sings “U Can’t Touch This” [Video]

The newly-re-elected President Barack Obama has already started singing in celebration. He even spiked the ball in his latest performance of “U Can’t Touch This”.


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Decision 2012 Tampa Bay Election Results

Here’s a list of results from this year’s elections. President Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term in the Oval Office. Here’s a rundown of the way the voting went in the Tampa Bay […]


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President Obama On Election Day [Parody Audio]

On the day of the general election, President Barack Obama continued his routine of calling Mason Dixon on Tuesday mornings. We have yet to see if he will still be the man calling from the […]




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