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Get Your Sample Ballot For Election 2012

With so many details on this year’s ballots, be sure you know what’s on the ballot before you head to the polls! Early voting has begun in Florida and the ballot is one of the […]


Springsteen performs in Parma, OH for Obama on October 18. (Duane Prokop, Getty Images)

Bruce Springsteen Announces Another Obama Campaign Event

Fresh off stumping for Obama last week in Ohio and Iowa, Bruce Springsteen has announced another campaign appearance for the president. The Boss will play a free concert at an Obama rally in Charlottesville, Virginia this Tuesday, October 23rd.


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Barbra Streisand Makes Plea For Obama: ‘We Must Close The Funding Gap’

The singer wrote a letter to fellow Democrats asking them to shell out a few bucks.


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Barbara Streisand Hopes Romney Never Gets To ‘Sesame Street’ or White House

The staunch Democrat mocks Mitt Romney at recent concert, but this isn’t the first time Babs has expressed her political views.


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DNC 2012 Soundtrack: Springsteen, James Taylor, Tom Petty & More

As President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention came to a thunderous close in Charlotte last night, viewers heard the triumphant sounds of an anthemic artist tailor-made for the occasion: Mr. Bruce Springsteen.


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Ian Hunter On His New Album: Lying Politicians & The Wild West

Coming from someone who released an album by the name of “Rant,” Ian Hunter’s political outspokenness is no surprise.


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President Obama Invites Bill Clinton To Speak [Audio]

Each week, we usually talk to President Obama on Tuesday, but this week we got a special treat to kick the week off with the Commander In Chief. What we didn’t know was that we’d […]


(Official White House photo by Pete Souza)

President Obama Will Watch Real Fireworks! [Audio]

Each week, because we have a great relationship with the White House, President Barack Obama calls Mason to chat. Today, President Obama called to talk about the DC power outage, and how it will affect […]


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President Obama On Health Care Reform Ruling [Audio]

The President got great news on Thursday when the Supreme Court ruled that his massive healthcare reform law is constitutional. Mr. Obama is thrilled. But at least he’s not gloating!


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President Obama’s First Date With Michelle [Audio]

The President’s reelection campaign has released a new video of Barack and Michelle talking about their first date. President Obama was on the phone to tell us about the date “details” that were left out […]




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