Mason Dixon

(Photo By Mason Dixon/CBS Radio)

Mason Dixon Burns Up The Roads In Northern Italy [Video]

As Mason and the rest of the tour group from the Tampa Bay area worked their way through the Alps, not all of the ride was for sight-seeing. Mason had the chance to open up […]


Mark Nolan-Getty Images Sport

Q105’s Listener Voted Top 500 Countdown

Ok, you showed us yours, we’ll show you ours! You gave us your Top 3’s for the Labor Day Countdown now we’ll give you ours We couldn’t limit it to just three, so here’s our […]


(Photo By Andrew M./CBS Radio)

Mason Dixon’s Birthday Visit From The Tookie Bird [Photos]

The legendary Tookie Bird, along with Mason’s friends and family, were in the Q105 studio for his birthday. We had a great time, and the cake from Wright’s Gourmet House was amazing!


(Photo By Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images)

Mason Dixon’s New Mobility Scooter [Video]

What will Mason Dixon do one day when his legs just aren’t quite as strong as they are today. Well, we found this video of a mobility scooter, and it just may be perfect to […]


(Photo By A.Marenus/CBS Radio)

Waldorf Astoria Orlando And Hilton Bonnet Creek Fun!

The fun continued at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando and Hilton Bonnet Creek with Mason Dixon’s broadcast. Mason checked in with Rob Turner, the Director of Golf to learn a little more about hitting the links […]


(Photo By Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/Getty Images)

Ehrlich Animal Hospital

For years, I’ve trusted the staff at Ehrlich Animal Hospital. They’re the first animal hospital in the area that offers stem cell treatment, which can help treat your pet’s arthritis in their hips, knees or […]



Wesley Chapel Steps Up BIG!!

January 3 was an important date for a couple of different reasons for two different families in Wesley Chapel. For the Joyer family it was a time of celebration; a time to watch with pride […]


Anthony Today

Jon ‘Rock and Roll’ Anthony: Goodbye To A Longtime Friend

As we all get older, we reach a stage of life where we start losing friends and family. So it is with one of the best performers the Radio business has ever seen…or heard. The […]


Mason and Flash rapping at QYear's Eve. 12/31/12 Credit Barbara Ann Kelley

Mason Dixon And Dave Flash Morgan At Q-Year’s Eve [Video]

Mason “I Can Play This Here Guitar” Dixon and Dave “Flash” Morgan joined The Hunks Of Funk at our Q-Year’s Eve party at The Mahaffey Theatre for some musical fun! Flash clearly has done this […]


New Years Eve 2012-13. (Photo Credit: Barbara Ann Kelley)

Mason And Flash’s New Year’s Eve Rap Video

Q105’s Mason Lee Roy Dixon and Q new comer Flash brought down the house New Year’s Eve at the Mahaffey Theater when they got on stage and performed “Rappers Delight” with the “Hunks of Funk”. In case you missed it here is the video.




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