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Annie Lennox attends the 53rd Annual NARM Convention Awards Dinner. (Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

Annie Lennox Says Twerking Has Nothing To Do With Feminism

Longtime feminist activist and former member of the Eurythmics Annie Lennox has clarified her stance on Beyoncé’s lite feminism.


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What Do Northerners Miss About Living In Florida?

So much of the Florida population is made up of transplants from up north. Whether they are from New York, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, or any other northern town, life in Florida involves such […]


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Update: Increased Massive Recall On Defective Air Bags Affects Millions: Is Your Car On The List?

Millions cars are involved in a massive recall by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The reason? Defective airbags with faulty inflators are to blame for injuries from shrapnel that is launched when the airbag […]


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Adorable Husky Puppy Is Scared of Stairs [Video]

Paul Mather’s husky puppy, Dakota, has not yet learned to walk down the stairs. She’s cute, but doesn’t seem too interested in learning. Watch as Paul tries to coax her down a step with a […]


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Top Earning Dead Celebrities [List]

Top Earning Dead Celebrities Just because they’re no longer with us, that doesn’t stop celebrities from raking in millions of dollars. According to Forbes magazine, Michael Jackson leads the pack by earning $140 million in […]


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Ebola Warning Signs And Symptoms

You’ve been seeing stories in the news constantly about Ebola, and how the U.S. government and governments around the world are trying to prevent its spread. What you aren’t seeing as often is more about […]


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The Spookiest Cities In America [List]

Just in time for Halloween, conducted a survey about which cities their site users found to be the spookiest, based on experiences in haunted locations and Halloween activities. Here’s the list of the top […]



Palmdale Florida Woman Saved By Dogs

76-year-old Judy Muhe of Palmdale, Florida thanks her guardian angel dogs, Higgins and Dodger, for saving her life. Muhe, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease and lives alone, suffered a fall in her home and was […]


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Pets Who Can Talk Like People [Video]

It may sound as if they’re saying “I Love You.” Maybe it sounds like “Hello.” No matter, it’s our pup or our cat, and we just know they’re talking to us. On the other hand, […]


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The Who Exclusive Presale: North American Tour Kicks Off In Tampa

THE WHO, one of rock’s most legendary and defining bands, will celebrate their 50-year legacy when they bring their “THE WHO HITS 50!” tour to North America in 2015.  “THE WHO HITS 50!” tour will […]




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