Paula Street

Paula Street came to Tampa Bay’s Q105 from Boston, where she did middays for 24 years. She is a huge dog lover and has three English Springer Spaniels. Paula loves to go fishing here in the gulf and play golf.

Catch Paula every weekday from 10a – 3p, sandwiched between the legendary Mason Dixon and Scott Walker! Find Paula on her Facebook page, on the Q105 Facebook page, and you can follow her on Twitter!

Assisted Suicide Advocate

Brittany Maynard Puts Out New Video – May Have Changed Her Mind About Ending Her Life

Brittany Maynard recently went to the Grand Canyon with her family completeing her bucket list. Brittany has a brain tumor and planned to take her own life on Saturday, but watch this video and see [...]

18 hours ago


College Student’s 4 Basketball Shots For $10,000 [Video]

Check out this college student from Bryan College who scored 4 shots in a row for 10K. First, a layup, then a free throw, a 3 pointer followed by the half court shot – and [...]

20 hours ago


Neighborhood In Florida May Cancel Halloween….Because The Wild Hogs Are Addicted To Candy

There’s a neighborhood in Melbourne Florida where the homeowners association is seriously considering CANCELING Halloween. The neighborhood is overrun by WILD HOGS and the hogs are addicted to people food and CANDY. The Hogs have [...]


(Photo By Andrew M./CBS Radio)

Big Cat Rescue Florida get’s their Halloween Pumpkins -Growl-O-Ween

It’s always awesome to watch the zoo animals and Big Cats get their annual Halloween Pumpkins to eat!


(Photo credit TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA/AFP/Getty Images)

Michael Jackson’s THRILLER In 20 Different Styles!

the guys from 10 second songs have done it again. Here’s Michael Jackson’s Thriller done in 20 different styles – from MJ to the Spice Girls!


(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

The Cheapest Dog Toy Is Already In Your House!

puppy verses doorstop – check out Stella the puppy having a blast with her free toy!


By: Scott Olson
Getty Images News
People: Jim Bayci

Top 5 Ways To Pick Powerball And MegaMillions Numbers

There’s lots of ways to pick your Powerball #s but here’s the Top 5 Ways 1. Birthdays and personal numbers are always a great way to go. 2. Quick Pick – Gloria McKenzie the HUGE [...]


. (AP Photo/J Pat Carter)

Top 10 Halloween Candy 2014

Halloween is the Biggest candy Holiday of the year. Americans spend $2 BILLION dollars on candy and we have our favorites. I’ll never forget running around our neighborhood with a pillowcase, that’s right, a pillowcase, [...]



Horse Loves “All About The Bass” [Video]

Check out this horse that is dancing with his owner to “All About The Bass”



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