Paula Street

Paula Street came to Tampa Bay’s Q105 from Boston, where she did middays for 24 years. She is a huge dog lover and has three English Springer Spaniels. Paula loves to go fishing here in the gulf and play golf.

Catch Paula every weekday from 10a – 3p, sandwiched between the legendary Mason Dixon and Scott Walker! Find Paula on her Facebook page, on the Q105 Facebook page, and you can follow her on Twitter!


Cardboard Stories From Homeless Orlando People Will Move You

They asked these real life homeless people in Orlando to write down something on their cardboard signs that people would never think of them. You’ll be touched when you read them!  

17 hours ago

By: Frazer Harrison
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Houston Woman Has 3 Story Half A Million Dollar Closet!

  It’s the closet of her dreams. Teresa Roemer of Houston has a 3 story closet that even includes a champagne  bar! You think you like shoes and clothes, check out this closet! SEE THE [...]

19 hours ago

Oktoberfest 2011 - Opening Day

Man Walks On Floating Grass In Alabama

  Check this out! It has rained so much in Alabama that this man can walk on his floating sod – wow!  

20 hours ago

By: Monika Graff
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Hot Dog Hall Of Fame Opens At Universal Orlando City Walk

The Hot Dog Hall of Fame is now open at Universal Orlando’s City Walk. The new Dog Hall of Fame has every kind of hot dog you can imagine, plus stadium seating and great prices! [...]

20 hours ago

Bobby Brown And Whitney Houston

Cissy Houston Mad As Hell About Upcoming Whitney Houston Movie

Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy Houston is asking Lifetime TV to please pull the plug on the movie about Whitney. According to Cissy, there is nobody involved in the movie that was close to Whitney or [...]

21 hours ago


George Harrison Memorial Tree Killed By Real Beetles!

The George Harrison Memorial Tree in Los Angeles has died!  Ironic that real Bark Beetles killed the tree. No worries, a new tree has been ordered and will be planted as soon as it arrives! [...]


Collection: AFP

Cute Piglet Best Friends With Rescue Pit Bull

Piglina is three weeks old and she was rejected by her litter. No worries, a rescue pit bull is now her new best friend!  


(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

You Can Be In The New STAR WARS VII Movie – Enter Here!

Star Wars fans are now invited to enter to be in the new Star Wars VII Movie. First place winner gets to be in the movie and attend the premiere in London. Second place winner [...]


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Shakira Is The Most Popular Celebrity On Facebook 100 Million PLUS!

Shakira put a thank you video on her Facebook page to all her fans who liked her Facebook page, all 100 Million of us. Shakira has more likes than anyone on Facebook and she attributes [...]


(Photo By Doug Benc/Getty Images Entertainment)

Casey Kasem’s Body Is Missing

The children of Casey Kasem and Casey’s wife Jean have been fighting for over a year now over who is in charge of Casey Kasem’s care and wellbeing. Now, even after his death they are [...]