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Jersey Boys Movie: First Look

Warner Brothers has just released the first trailer for the movie version of “Jersey Boys”. And, I for one, am psyched. We were on a family vacation to Long Island back in ’62, when the [...]

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Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel In The Works

Daniel Hillard and Euphegenia Doubtfire, possibly the most redoubtable Englishwoman since the late Margaret Thatcher; are returning to the big screen. Various news outlets, including the Hollywood Reporter, are sharing the “hot flash” that Robin [...]



John Daly Hits Golf Ball Out Of Woman’s Mouth

Two-time major champion. Train-wreck, tabloid-quality (at times) personal life. Plays on sponsor exemptions, and misses the cut. Still possesses a swing from the golf gods, and ends up doing trick shots on You Tube! Go [...]



Ford Mustang Atop The Empire State Building

It’s the 50th anniversary of Ford’s Mustang, and the Blue Oval crew is pulling out all the stops. There’s plenty of activities scheduled, including week-long events beginning Thursday (4/17) at Charlotte Motor Speedway and Las [...]



Kids React To A Sony Walkman

Did you ever come across one of those “if you were born after X-date” you have no idea what something is/was charts? Like a rotary-dial telephone. Or an IBM Selectric. Or an 18 inch console [...]



Betty White’s Airline Safety Video

Betty White. 92, seemingly ageless and endlessly funny. And she does it again, with this “old school” safety video for Air New Zealand. Watch carefully — Betty’s getting by “with a little help from her [...]


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Seinfeld Newhart & Cosby On PBS

Sorry for the short notice, but this could be good. Tonight (4/15), on PBS, the long-running Pioneers of Television series presents “Standups to Sitcoms”, tracing the careers of some of the greatest names in both [...]



Optical Illusion [Video]

His name is Lindzee Poi. He’s French. He is absolutely amazing. And I have NO IDEA how he does it.



Amazing Lennon & McCartney Mash-up

This is really something to hear, as much as see. A gentleman named Mark Vidler heard what none of the rest of us did. Take John Lennon’s “Imagine”, and speed it way up. Take Paul [...]



The Simpsons Salute Dave

I just saw this, and perhaps you missed it too. Last Sunday night, The Simpson’s paid tribute to David Letterman, who had announced his retirement in 2015 only days earlier. Nice.   I’ll miss you, [...]