Bob Berry


Big Hits Not Sung by the Lead Singer

Seems it’s my day for inspiration form the perspiration of the folks at Rolling This time around, it’s a fascinating list of 15 hits NOT sung by a band’s traditional lead singer(s). And what [...]

7 hours ago


15 Biggest Summer Movie Disasters

Rolling has published a list of the 15 biggest summer box office bombs of the last couple of decades.And it seems to be a pretty good list, until the next list, when it appears [...]

9 hours ago


Enhance That Image

How many times have we heard that phrase? From techno-thrillers like “Clear and Present Danger”, “No Way Out” and “Enemy Of The State” to crime procedurals  like CSI, NCIS and Cold Case, “enhance that image” [...]

12 hours ago


Man On The Moon Remembered

Today, July 21st, is the 45th anniversary of the crowning achievement of NASA and the space program. Just 5 days after Apollo 11 rocketed into space from Cape Canaveral, history-some would call it destiny, converged [...]



Tampa Theatre Summer Classic: Blazing Saddles

It’s the 40th anniversary of “Blazing Saddles”, Mel Brooks’ ground-breaking send-up of the Western movie genre. From the casting of Alex Karras as Mongo-and his one-punch showstopper, to Harvey Korman tearing it up as Hedley [...]



The Rolling Stones European Tour Video

14 on Fire-Europe. The Stones conquest of the continent. 14 shows, 15, 000 miles traveled, 782,000 fans. For 50 years and counting, you can count on one thing. The Rolling Stones are  still “The World’s [...]



Google’s Nelson Mandela B-day Doodle

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Those are the words of the late African leader and humanitarian Nelson Mandela, whose birthdate is celebrated today. Google has created [...]



Johnny Depp Rocks With Aerosmith

It must be pretty cool to be Johnny Depp. One day you’re doing a tune with Paul McCartney. The next, you’re playing “Train Kept A-Rollin’” with Aerosmith! It’s fan video, but we’re fans, so let [...]



Stuart Scott’s ESPY Speech

ESPN honored one of it’s own last night at the ESPY’s. SportsCenter anchor Stuart Scott was awarded The Jimmy V Award for Perseverance. Scott, like the late Jimmy V, has been battling cancer in a [...]



Apollo 11: 45 Years Ago Today

Hard to believe, isn’t it? July 16th, middle of the summer, clustered around the (generally) only TV in the house, waiting for the moment. When Man, (L to R above)  Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and [...]