Bob Berry


Peyton Manning Gets Down to “Rocky Top”

Strange things happen at football practices. And especially pre-season camps. Guys fighting for jobs, guys fighting for contracts, guys fighting. Guys having fun being with the guys. And so we have Peyton Manning Denver’s star [...]

3 hours ago


Dancing Prisoners Get “Happy” with Pharrell

Pharrell Williams song “Happy” is one of those perfect, heard it once-loved it, can’t forget it songs. And it seems like it, and the ultra-talented Pharrell have popped up about everywhere. Stole the show at [...]

5 hours ago


Ford’s Mustang F-35 Will Fly

You may have read recently about the ups and downs of the F-35 Joint Strike fighter. Whatever the truth of the challenges of developing of multi-million (Billion?) dollar next-gen aircraft, there is one F-35 that [...]

22 hours ago


Oxford University Shakin’ It With Shakira

OK, we  all know who Shakira is, right? Multi-hyphen pop music sensation from Columbia, who has won multiple awards including Grammys and MTV awards? In other words, she’s huge. And, according to reports, she is [...]



The McLaren 650S Supercar

Hello.  My name is Bob and I have a problem. I drool in public, and automakers are my enablers. The Challenger SRT. The Ferrari LaFerrari. And today, it’s the McLaren 650S. I LOVE hot cars, [...]



Sebastian Walks Bride Down The Aisle

Team mascots have evolved over the years. From being goofy gag characters and awkward cheerleaders, they have become a truly loved and beloved part of the fan experience, no matter the team or sport. And [...]



Johnny Football Tosses Football In A Car Window

Cleveland Browns Rookie and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel has added to the legend. And it had nothing to do with partying in Vegas, signing T-shirts or footballs…



Happy Anniversary “Sledgehammer”

It was 28 years ago that 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Peter Gabriel scored his biggest hit, when “Sledgehammer” went to #1 on the charts. A song from his first solo album, [...]



James Brown Live In Tampa 1966

Prepare to be blown away, by the “Godfather of Soul”. James Brown, singing his Number One song “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s  World”, recorded live in concert on April 23rd, 1966 at Tampa’s Fort Homer [...]



Don’t Mess With A Momma Giraffe!

We have all seen the “true-to-life” specials from National Geographic, Animal Planet and the like. Wild animals growing up in, learning to live in, and how to hunt their natural habitat. And sometimes, the cutest [...]