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WKRP In Cinncinati Box Set Coming Soon

OK, so the picture above isn’t from the WKRP archives. (Though rumor has it the gentleman pictured is Herb Tarlek’s far better-dressed father!) But the rest of the headline is true, and great news for [...]

2 hours ago


Thursday Night Football On CBS: Behind The Scenes

“The NFL On CBS”. A broadcast tradition going back to September 30th, 1956, Washington at Pittsburgh. (Steelers won, 30-13) And now, in it’s (by my math) 58th season, there’s a new tradition. Thursday Night Football [...]

5 hours ago


1984: Music’s Greatest Year?

I love Rolling Stone Magazine’s “lists”. They’re interesting, infuriating, debatable. They are fantastic reading. 500 Greatest Songs of All-Time. 500 Greatest Albums of All-Time. Greatest Guitar Heroes, 100 Greatest Singers, etc. Today, Rolling Stone unveiled [...]

9 hours ago


Worlds Largest Rainwater Mosaic

Here’s something very different, and very cool. Sort of performance art, by inanimate objects. One that takes on a life of it’s own. The artist Belo developed this mosaic last year, to raise awareness among [...]

11 hours ago


NCIS The Season 12 Preview

I got to thinking Tuesday week all “my shows” will be back. Check out of my shift at Q105, get home and hit the DVR list. “NCIS (New)”. Yessssss! That’s right, just like a [...]



New Doors Doc Due November 11th

In the Summer of ’68, they were on tour,  riding high. Their music had not only broken through on Top 40 radio, their music was critical to the groundswell of “Underground FM”. The radio that, [...]



Bruce And The Big Man Go Reggae

Summer of ’87. Summer on the Jersey Shore. And a Jersey Boy’s been workin’ hard, he’s on a break, layin’ low and hangin’ with his buds. And naturally, if you’re Bruce Springsteen, that means you [...]



50 Years of (Oh) Pretty Woman

It all started when Roy Orbison checked to make sure his wife Claudette, who was going shopping, had enough cash. Roy’s pal Billy Dees interrupted and said: ” A pretty woman never needs any money”. [...]



Bob Seger’s Ride Out Due October 14th

“She’s a Detroit Made!  Deuce and a Quarter babe..”. Bob Seger, Detroit’s favorite rock and roll son (sorry, Kid Rock), has been taking it easy for most of the last two decades, releasing a couple [...]



The Clydesdales Honor 9-11

As 9/11 winds down, I found one more video that is worth a thousand words. At least! Budweiser’s elegant, one-time only tribute to 9/11, as the mighty Clydesdales come to New York City. And bow [...]



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