Mason Dixon’s Come Along Cruise

Come Along with Mason Dixon as he goes on his first cruise ever!  That’s right, you can take a cruise with Mason Dixon.  He, along with Nikki Cruz will sail with AAA Travel on their first cruise departing out of Tampa on November 29th.  It’s 4 nights on Royal Caribbean’s JEWEL OF THE SEAS sailing to Cozumel!

You’ll have a chance to win a cruise for two so you can join Mason, more on that later.  To make sure the ship does not sail without you, you can book a cruise now with rates starting at just $410 per person including taxes.  On the cruise, you will be able to attend a private Q105 cocktail party, you’ll receive a $25 onboard spending credit and more.

To book your cruise, contact your closest AAA Travel office or just Click HERE for the cruise info and a list of offices you can call.

masoncruise600 Mason Dixons Come Along Cruise

For the opportunity to win a cruise and travel with Mason, just keep listening to Q105 for the chance to call in and qualify to be in a Grand Prize drawing to win a cruise for two.  (No…you won’t be sharing a room with Mason and his wife Pat.  You’ll have your very own cabin.)

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