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‘Even Santa Poops’ [Video]

After Kris Kringle eats so many cookies during his Christmas trek, he just might have to find the bathroom. In this clip, his activity awakens the children of the home, who find his visit to […]


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Dog Steals Show And Gloves At College Softball Game [Video]

At a Western Oregon University softball game, it was a routine ground ball out, until a dog stole the show. From the stands on the first-base side, a dog ran onto the field and started […]


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The Most Performed Holiday Songs Of The Past 100 Years

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, also known as ASCAP, has assembled a list of the holiday songs that have been performed most over the past century. The list was put together as […]


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Janet Sciales Daily Horoscopes: Libra, Sense What The Boss Really Wants [Audio]

Each day around 6:45 a.m. you can hear the Star Goddess Horoscopes from Janet Sciales, but if you miss it, here are her daily horoscopes! Check back each morning when we will post her daily […]


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‘Kung Fu Shopping’ Christmas Song [Audio]

As we get closer and closer to the big day, Christmas shoppers may be getting more and more aggressive in their quest for the perfect gift. We have the perfect song to go with the […]



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