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Oreo Churros Coming Soon

Oreo’s. They’re not just for late-night binging anymore. Well…actually, they are. And for mid-day binges, middle of the night, after school, etc. Even breakfast-and don’t even try to tell me you haven’t. As the old […]



New Dog Dad’s Puppies Are A Handful

It’s isn’t just American companies who have cracked the code for animals in commercials. Can’t understand it, but know how to describe it: Too Cute For Words.


(Photo By Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

This Is Why The Canadians Are So Cool!

The game was on November 18, 2014. Toronto Maple Leafs, VS The Nashville Predators. During the US National Anthem , the microphone starts to cut out, so what do the Canadians do? The take over […]



The Amazing Grace Christmas House – Holdman Christmas

Last year the Holdman family raised $40,000 for the “Make A Wish Foundation” by placing a donation bucket in front of their AMAZING Christmas display!


(Photo By CBS Radio)

Janet Sciales Daily Horoscopes: Cancer, If You Love Someone, Let Them Know [Audio]

Each day around 6:45 a.m. you can hear the Star Goddess Horoscopes from Janet Sciales, but if you miss it, here are her daily horoscopes! Check back each morning when we will post her daily […]



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