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Cardboard Stories From Homeless Orlando People Will Move You

They asked these real life homeless people in Orlando to write down something on their cardboard signs that people would never think of them. You’ll be touched when you read them!  

6 hours ago

By: Frazer Harrison
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Houston Woman Has 3 Story Half A Million Dollar Closet!

  It’s the closet of her dreams. Teresa Roemer of Houston has a 3 story closet that even includes a champagne  bar! You think you like shoes and clothes, check out this closet! SEE THE […]

8 hours ago

Oktoberfest 2011 - Opening Day

Man Walks On Floating Grass In Alabama

  Check this out! It has rained so much in Alabama that this man can walk on his floating sod – wow!  

9 hours ago

By: Monika Graff
Getty Images News
People: Tim Janus;

Hot Dog Hall Of Fame Opens At Universal Orlando City Walk

The Hot Dog Hall of Fame is now open at Universal Orlando’s City Walk. The new Dog Hall of Fame has every kind of hot dog you can imagine, plus stadium seating and great prices! […]

9 hours ago

David Crosby (2nd from R) points to an audience me

Meet Graham Nash At Barnes And Noble Clearwater

Crosby Stills and Nash are live at Ruth Eckerd Hall on August 9th. Tickets on sale now at and Ruth Eckerd Hall. Before they do the concert on August 9th, you can meet Graham […]

9 hours ago