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See Truck Pull End Badly

I’ve kinda got cars and trucks on my mind, thinking about Mason’s Best of the Best Car Show Sunday. It’s a fantastic show, and helps out needy families at Christmas, through Mason’s Christmas Wish Fund. […]

16 hours ago

Assisted Suicide Advocate

Brittany Maynard Puts Out New Video – May Have Changed Her Mind About Ending Her Life

Brittany Maynard recently went to the Grand Canyon with her family completeing her bucket list. Brittany has a brain tumor and planned to take her own life on Saturday, but watch this video and see […]

18 hours ago

(Photo By Andrew M./CBS Radio}

Janet Sciales Daily Horoscopes: Aries, A Group Helps You Out [Audio]

Each day around 6:45 a.m. you can hear the Star Goddess Horoscopes from Janet Sciales, but if you miss it, here are her daily horoscopes! Check back each morning when we will post her daily […]

19 hours ago


College Student’s 4 Basketball Shots For $10,000 [Video]

Check out this college student from Bryan College who scored 4 shots in a row for 10K. First, a layup, then a free throw, a 3 pointer followed by the half court shot – and […]

20 hours ago

(CBS Radio)

Flashback 80’s On Throwback Thursday: Ray Parker, Jr. ‘Ghostbustsers’ [Video]

For Throwback Thursday, since tomorrow is Halloween, our Flashback 80’s hit is “Ghostbusters” from 1984. Ray Parker, Jr., may have gotten into a little hot water with attorneys over whether he borrowed from a Huey […]

22 hours ago


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