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A (Short) History of Water Slides (Video)

In the beginning there was George Millay. The guy who invented Sea World. And then he invented Wet ‘n Wild, complete with the wave pool and the skyline ride, right up I-4 in Orlando. All […]



Phil Thrills The Sky Box Patrons

If you’re a golf fan, you know who the announcers are talking about when they say: “That’s why they call him ‘Phil the Thrill’”. If you’re a golfer, you also know how tough it is […]



Try This “Mack Daddy” Treadmill Routine!

Looking to change up your exercise routine at the gym? A few less weights, a little more core-oriented? Or, perhaps you just like finding fun ways to “keep it fresh”. Whatever the case, I don’t […]



Ryder Cup Team Takes ALS Challenge

Golf’s Ryder Cup matches are coming up in about a month, September 23-28 at Gleneagles in Scotland. And USA Captain Tom Watson has his challenges. No Tiger. No Dufner. Foreign soil. A loaded European team. […]



Helen Mirren’s Fitness Regimen

Helen Mirren. Dame Helen Mirren. Winner of the Academy Award Winner for Best Actress,plus winner of four BAFTAs, three Golden Globes, four Emmy Awards, and two Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Awards. One of the […]



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