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10 Greatest Music Festival Moments In Rock History

Have you ever met anyone who said they were at the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969? Or how about the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967? These were some of the greatest festivals of all time […]

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Violinist Lettice Rowbotham Wows Judges On Britain’s Got Talent [Video]

Lettice Rowbotham, yes, that’s her name, visited the audition of “Britain’s Got Talent” and quickly impressed the judges with her electric violin. She has a bubbly personality, and one of the judges said she’s “the […]

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John and Yoko Talk About Love

I found this on Rolling Stone.com. The animated feature, by the PBS’ series Blank on Blank, is derived from a series of interviews conducted between 1969 and 1972. There is remarkable candor and vulnerability. And […]

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Multiple Major Labels Sue Pandora Over Classic Hits

Pandora Radio has become one of today’s most recognized streaming radio services, allowing users to listen to an algorithmically generated playlist of songs based on the user’s preferences. The ease of use has made Pandora a household name, but the company is being sued over some of music’s classic hits, reports The New York Times.

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Grandma Betty On Instagram: The World’s ‘InstaGrandma’

Grandma Betty is fighting cancer, and her grandson wanted to come up with a way to document her final days. Instagram to the rescue. Grandma Betty is making people smile everyday! Follow her on Instagram: […]