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Florida Needs To Stop Killing Bears And Start Learning Bear Safety

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(AP Photo/Courtesy Jen Chapman)

(AP Photo/Courtesy Jen Chapman)

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Florida Wildlife killed several bears yesterday according to CBS Tampa Bay  The Frana family live on the edge of a wildlife area in Lake Mary. Teresa Frana was attacked by a bear outside of her garage over the weekend. Frana received 30 stiches  and was released from the hospital to recover at home on Sunday morning. Frana saw a bear in her driveway, and was worried about her two kids, so she went around the side of the house and ran right into the bears who had dragged her trash out of the garage and were eating it. That’s when the bear attacked her.

Stop the story right there. The bears went into the Frana’s garage and pulled out the trash. You can’t leave your trash exposed like that in a bear area. In the last 5 years, Bear sightings have doubled to 6,200 a year in Florida. The Frana’s live on the edge of a nature preserve and the neighborhood had a woman attacked last year by a black bear while walking her dog. Protecting your trash is job number one when you live on the edge of a bear area. There is a report out in the neighborhood of a Mama bear with a hurt paw and two cubs, that could certainly lead to aggression.The neighborhood should be on alert with a report of a hurt bear, they should use extra caution. The sad part of this story is Florida Wildlife Officers  are just looking for bears and killing all the bears that don’t seem to fear people. They have killed 7 bears so far. I say teach the neighborhood how to secure their trash and don’t kill any more bears. Black bears rarely attack people. If you encounter a black bear, make a lot of noise and try to make yourself look as big as possible. Yell Hey Bear and back away slowly. Never run and never try to play dead. I bet some people in Lake Mary feel the same way I do – stop killing Bears – start learning bear safety!

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