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Insurance Ad “Unsung Hero” From Thailand A Tear-Jerker [Video]

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(Photo By Xiengyod/Wikimedia)

(Photo By Xiengyod/Wikimedia)

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A tear-jerking commercial? For Insurance? An unexpected source for an emotional advertisement has gone viral for a Thai insurance company.

The Thai Life Insurance company released an ad that reaches out to find the good in people. It features it’s main character doing “good deeds.” He donates to a child for education. He feeds a hungry dog. He helps an elderly lady move her cart across the street.

The “unsung hero” in the commercial doesn’t get anything material for his efforts, but that’s not his goal.

Follow the text on the screen, and you’ll understand where he’s going, and in the end, what the lessons learned are for him. As the ad says, his world Is “made more beautiful.”

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