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TNT’s Cold Justice Heads To Kelly Siegler’s Hometown Tonight

By Nikki Cruz/CBS Radio
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(Photo Used By Permission/TNT Cold Justice)

(Photo Used By Permission/TNT Cold Justice)

It’s official! “Cold Justice” debuted as one of the top unscripted cable series with 2.9 million viewers!

Renowned prosecutor, Kelly Siegler and the legendary CSI from Las Vegas, Yolanda McClary are real crime fighters who are on a mission: To help victims’ families find answers and closure. These ladies can already say “mission accomplished” with the case of murder suspect, Ronnie Hendrick, because soon after the first episode aired, he pleaded guilty to killing Pamela Shelly. This is a case that would not have been solved without the hard work of Kelly, Yolanda, and the local detectives who spent countless hours bringing it to justice.

If, God forbid, one of my family members were killed, I would want Kelly and Yolanda on the case! They’re a real-life “Rizzoli and Isles,” who shed new light on long-forgotten crimes, and they give hope to the families who are left behind with no answers! The ladies leave no rock unturned as they dig for evidence, often without the benefit of DNA testing and the “Hollywood-glam” techniques you see on other TV shows!

By the way, if you know of an unsolved homicide case, the producers of “Cold Justice” want to talk to you! Visit ColdJustice.com to submit your case, and to see real crime scene photos of current cases. Plus, if you missed the first two episodes, you can catch up on everything you’ve missed.

Don’t miss a single episode as Kelly and Yolanda continue to travel across the country, investigating and solving cold cases and most importantly, bringing justice to victims’ families.

Tonight, a Texas woman, who just happens to come from the same town as Kelly, was found murdered in her own home. Now, it’s 30 years later, and the case is still open. So, who done it?! Her abusive son? Her boyfriend? After reading the case description, I think her son killed her. I’m anxious to find out if I’m right or not, tonight on “Cold Justice: Hometown Hero” at 10 on TNT!

Watch the preview of tonight’s show:

(Photo Used By Permission/TNT Cold Justice)

(Photo Used By Permission/TNT Cold Justice)

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