Smartphone Addiction: Is It Serious?

By Nikki Cruz/CBS Radio
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(Photo By Andy Buchanan/AFP/GettyImages)

(Photo By Andy Buchanan/AFP/GettyImages)

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Are you addicted to your smartphone?

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal that stated 1 in 5 students in South Korea are addicted to their smartphones, meaning they spend more than 7 hours a day using the phone. Seven hours?! I don’t even sleep for that long!

Furthermore, taxpayer funds are being used for counseling treatment in Korea. Wait, how many steps are there again? Let me google that… on my smartphone…

Apparently, smartphone addiction is serious enough for researchers to do numerous studies.

In a new U.S. survey, a significant number of people would rather end their relationships than get rid of their cell phones. 28% of people say their phone is more helpful than their significant other.

Hmmm, my phone can’t take out the trash, or fix stuff around the house.

It would be a tough decision, but I think the significant other would win.

Then again, there might be an app for that!

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