Ziva Leaving NCIS

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Cote de Pablo, special agent  Ziva David on CBS’ NCIS, is leaving the show.

The news became official today, a week before NCIS begins shooting it’s 11th season.

In a statement, Cote de Pablo thanked the cast and crew, “”I’ve had eight great years with NCIS and Ziva David. I have huge respect and affection for Mark, Michael… (and)….all of the team and CBS. I look forward to finishing Ziva’s story.”

In a separate statement, CBS said “Cote and CBS share a great respect for the NCIS audience, and we look forward to working with her and the producers on appropriate closure in this chapter of Ziva’s story.”


Ziva is one of the most interesting characters on TV, especially with the back story of being a Mossad agent. And the by-play with Michael Weatherly’s DiNozzo is special.

Plus Cote de Pablo can do drama, or light comedy equally well, as seen in this clip.

As she and CBS noted, NCIS will complete her story arc in the first episode(s) of the new season.

Let’s hope it works out better for Cote than it did for McLean Stevenson!

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