What Was Robert Plant’s Best Selling Single?

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Photo by Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect.

Photo by Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect.

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When you look back at pictures of yourself from the 80s, I’m pretty sure there are some hairstyles and fashions you are glad you left behind. The good thing is, all you have to do is close the photo album. (That is unless one of your friends from high school decides to scan it and tag you on Facebook.)

For Robert Plant, it’s not as easy.

This Easter weekend, we featured band “hoppers” – artists who have jumped from one chart-topping act to another. Robert Plant will always be known first and foremost as the voice of Led Zeppelin, but of course he’s gone on to do some solo work and he’s toured recently in Band of Joy.

But in 1984, Robert had his biggest selling single on the charts. The signature scream, driving beat and iconic guitar riffs of Zeppelin were a distant memory. The R&B band “The Honeydrippers” would only have one hit – and it wasn’t even their own. It was a remake of the 1959 Phil Phillips song “Sea of Love.”

It wasn’t Robert’s plan. He thought the song was going to be the B side to “Rockin’ at Midnight.” But radio stations were eating “Sea of Love” up, much to Robert’s dismay. The Honeydrippers were soon finished.

Sorry Robert. While most of us can just close the photo album and forget the 80s, YouTube has made it so The Honeydrippers will live on forever!

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