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It’s Q105’s “Before The Hit” Weekend!

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Ethan Miller Getty Images Entertainment

Ethan Miller Getty Images Entertainment

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So many of your favorite Q105 artists struggled to hit it big, moving from one record company to another, or dropping out of a group to be come a solo sensation. And as they built a following and career; they had one or two fairly substantial “hits”; before they finally had that “Number One With A Bullet/You Know All The Words!” smash hit!

And so we present the Q105 “Before The Hit” Weekend, where we’ll play the smash hit followed by the “almost but not quite” song.

Here’s a good example: Neil Diamond’s Bang Records classic from July of 1966, “Cherry, Cherry”, and the song released just 2 months prior, “Solitary Man”. Funny thing, they’re both among my all-time faves, but I have always had a soft(er) spot for Solitary Man.  I bet you’ll find yourself thinking the same thing about some of your favorite artists, as you listen to the “Before the Hit” weekend, all weekend long on Q105.

Here’s Neil singing both songs-from the “Hot August Night-NYC” concerts in 2008.

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