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Carole King-Touring Australia, Telling a life story

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Bob Berry/CBS Radio

Bob Berry/CBS Radio

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Carole King is touring Australia this month, and a review I came across made an interesting point-that to see a Carole King concert is to witness 53 years of music history.  From the Brill Building days and 1960’s “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” thru “(A) Natural Woman” and the songs of her Grammy winning “Tapestry”; this is music that is an indelible part of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond. However, I think there’s something more at play:  Carole King’s music mirrored her life’s journey, and the journey that so many women of the “Baby Boomer” generation also experienced.

And here’s what’s really interesting.  When I was in New York City this spring, working for our flagship station 101.1 CBS.FM, my niece Allison and I went for a walk “On” Broadway-so I could take pictures of the Brill Building.  As I was trying to explain to Allison who the writers were and their songs-Neil Diamond, Mann-Well, Sedaka, Leiber and Stoller; I drew blanks, or vague recognition.  Then I explained Carole King, by naming a few song titles-and asking her to think about what they mean.  LIGHT BULB moment!  30 years old-and the titles clicked-as they did for her Mom, and so many of you. (Pretty cool moment for Uncle Bob, too, I must admit)

Carole King. A woman’s journey and life-in song, speaking not just to a certain generation, but across generations.  Here’s a performance video of “A Natural Woman”  from a few nights ago.  Enjoy.

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