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Snoring Problem… NO WAY! Not Me!

Dave "Flash" Morgan
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Photo By AP Photo/Mary Ann Chastain)

Photo By AP Photo/Mary Ann Chastain)

Flash2 Dave "Flash" Morgan
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So my wife and I were starting our day much like any other day with the annoying sound of an alarm clock blaring in our ears and my little redneck dog at the foot of the bed waiting for his morning stroll outside, plus the sound of my neighbor warming up his Harley right outside my bedroom window. I looked over to see that my wife looked a bit unsettled and more tired than usual. Upon my questioning she explained to me that my snoring had kept her up for most of the night. Well this couldn’t be true… Me? A snorer?? NO WAY!!

So my wife and I discussed the plan to prove that I indeed snore pretty badly after drifting off to la la land. I went on in to bed early that evening, and soon was out like a light. My wife came in and recorded it with her camera phone.

The next morning while sitting and enjoying our first cup of coffee, she played back the footage and WOW was I ever getting after it. It reminded me of my mom and dad from when I was a kid. My brothers and I use to joke about how our parents could make the dishes rattle in the pantry with their snoring, and from the looks of it, I was next generation.

I started to do some research to see if there was anything I could do to give my wife some relief. I soon discovered that snoring and sleep apnea are a serious condition that affects your health if not addressed.

Basically what happens is your muscles in the back of your throat relax and restrict air flow to the lungs and in turn restricts air to vital organs. As I read on I learned that sleep apnea has been linked to diabetes, hypertension, increased blood sugar, heart disease, depression, and even premature death.

Until now the only thing that could help with this apparatus called a CPAP. It consists of a very uncomfortable mask and other parts that quite honestly only 40% of the people that own one can tolerate. But now the light at the end of the tunnel is a new FDA approved device called an “Oral Appliance”.

I know I know “Oral Appliance” sounds like your gonna have to jam a toaster in your mouth, but it really is quite a simple and easy device to use and to get.

As I understand it, all you do is go to The American Sleep Association and order your American Sleep Association Kit. You make an impression of your teeth, send it to their team of dental experts and within a week you have your custom “Oral Appliance”.

Sounds much like wearing a retainer to bed. You pop it in your mouth at bed time and it slightly moves your jaw forward thus letting the air flow in and out the way it is suppose to, thus taking care of that awful snoring and allowing your body to get that much needed oxygen to the lungs and all of the other vital organs that need it. Best of all its covered by most insurance and all you pay is the $4.95 shipping fee and whatever deductible you may have.

I say do your research and see if it’s for you, you have nothing to lose but a great night sleep to gain, and oh yeah and your significant other will be pleased, too.

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