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Teacher Sues Over Rare Phobia: Flashman’s “REALLY” Report

By Dave "Flash" Morgan/CBS Radio
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With the way we are bombarded with info in the age of computers, smart phones, iPads and whatever other electronics that keep us connected with the world, I come across these stories, and honestly, all I can say is “REALLY?”

So here goes my story of the week… I was rollin’ Ol’ school and thumbing through the newspaper the other day, when I came across a story of a teacher who is suing her local school district because of a rare phobia she says she has of… well… CHILDREN!

Okay, I had to break down the facts on this story. First of all, she started out in the field in 1976, teaching Spanish and French to… CHILDREN… in high school in Cincinnati, Ohio. Second, she has no children of her own, and third she chose to be A TEACHER!!

She was transferred in 2009 to teach seventh and eighth grade students in middle school, and claims that triggered her phobia and forced her to retire in the middle of the 2010-11 school year. She claims that her fear falls under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

That would be like me saying I can’t do the Saturday Night Dance Party , because I now fear disco and dance music, or I can’t be a doctor anymore because I now fear sick people, or I can’t be a pilot because suddenly I’m scared of planes… “REALLY?”…

I can’t wait to hear what you think. Personally, I think someone was looking to retire early.

Leave your comments, and look for another “REALLY” story next Friday.

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