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Personality Traits Managers Look For In Employees

By Nikki Cruz/CBS Radio
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(Photo By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News)

(Photo By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News)

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Most of us know at least one person who is unemployed. Maybe it’s you who has been looking for work. It’s easy to become discouraged when you pound the pavement every day, and potential employers don’t seem interested.

Is it your resume that needs tweaking? Or, is it your negative personality that turns the hiring manager off?

Well, whether you’re looking for a new job, or a promotion at your current job, I’ve got a list from “Forbes” that might help you.

According to a survey of different companies, these are the five personality traits managers look for in employees.

5.  Intellectual curiosity:  Meaning you’re curious about things that might make you a better employee, like new technologies or computer programs.

57% of the employers surveyed said it’s an important trait to have, because it shows you’ll be valuable to the company in the long term.

4.  People who are good at “self-monitoring”:  This means you pay attention to how other people perceive you and can work independently, without someone looking over your shoulder all the time.

58% of employers said it’s a crucial quality to have.

3.  Confidence:  61% said it’s important. And hiring managers can usually evaluate how confident you are, within the first 30 seconds of meeting you. So, stand up straight, get your chin up, and put that dazzling smile to work: Be confident from the moment you walk into an interview.

But it’s also important to be confident after you get a job, because it gives you a better chance of being promoted.

2.  People with lots of energy:  It’s another thing you’re evaluated on, during your interview. Companies want people who come to work every day with high-energy.

78% said it’s one of the most important traits in a good employee.

1.  Professionalism:  Especially in interviews, which is why it’s important to dress up, and get there on time. Get there five to ten minutes early, if possible.

86% of the employers who were surveyed said professionalism is extremely important.

And don’t forget, the receptionist is the gate keeper to the company. So, smile and be polite. Strike up a friendly conversation, if s/he is not busy. You only get one chance to make a good impression!


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