Gas Prices: Finding The Best Price

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Gas Prices Continue To Rise Nationally

We all need to fill up our cars, SUV’s and trucks, and we are all trying to get the best price we can find.

    Here are a few ways to save on gas.

1. Save on gas with credit cards. Check to see if your cards offer rebates or discounts.

2. Use smartphones. Check out CBS’s MoneyWatch to learn how to personalize your mileage data using your smartphone.

3. Find the cheapest station. Check out sites such as that track prices.

4. Follow the user’s manual. If the manufacturer doesn’t require using high-octane gasoline, don’t purchase it.

5. Warehouse Clubs. Sam’s Club offers deals on gasoline for club members.

6. Pay Cash. Many gas stations charge as much as 5 cents more for using credit cards.

7. Supermarket deals. Some stores have deals in place to receive discounts on gasoline.

8. Discount cards. Look for gas cards at discount prices.

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